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LILIPAN is Lisa, Livia and Paola, licensed guides who have been professionally engaged in tourism, hospitality and travel organization for years, working with individual and small-group clients that come to them from Italian and international backgrounds.

Friendship and a shared affinity for artistic, archaeological, historical and botanical interests are what brought Lilipan's founders together and are the ingredients that have given magic to their travels, leading them to explore, in-depth, the nuances of history interwoven with beauty, character, curiosities, traditions and superb food and wines, Jewish historical and artistic perspectives, everywhere that they have gone.

Lilipan has continually been on "scouting" missions since its founders met in 2000, not only because they love to do it, but because they believe that it's impossible to genuinely share something with others without personally knowing and deeply appreciating it, whether it be a place, a work of art, a meal or a glass of wine. Lilipan decided to bring this travel philosophy to life in a new way by making their wealth of knowledge and their professional skills available to discerning travelers looking for unique, fascinating and unforgettable itineraries. Lilipan specializes in highly personalized, exclusive travel experiences created with thoughtful attention given to every last detail.  


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